The Detailed History of SIM Cards in Pakistan

Pakistani sim users are often frustrated with how difficult it is to get a hold of customer care representatives from the different telecom companies. This blog post will provide some tips on how you can find any information about your Pakistani sim card, and what numbers you should contact when necessary. 

Pakistani sim cards have four major players: Warid Telecom, Mobilink, Ufone, and Telenor Pakistan. These companies offer many different types of services for their customers including voice calls, text messages (SMS), GPRS data transfer rates as well as other features such as internet access through mobile phones. The easiest way to find out what plan you are currently subscribed to is by checking the back of your phone or dialing *111# on. Pakistani Sim Card Providers - How To Get Any Sim Details In Pakistan.

Check Online SIM Owner Information System

Using the PTA SIM Information System, you can access the latest features. There are two ways to check for active SIMs on your CNIC: through a web application or via SMS. Learn more about when you can use this 668 service and get up-to-date with what's going on in Pakistan today!


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority offers its own "SIM information system" that has become an invaluable resource over time - there is no shortage of helpful tips and tricks from it all, including how to find active sim cards using both online tools as well as text messages (SMS). The way things work here may be different than in other countries but don't let these limitations stop you from exploring new avenues of success; explore everything at your disposal by

How to Get Any Sim Detail Online: PTA SIM Information System

The Online PTA SIM Information System is a convenient and easy way to download, update or delete your personal information. You can access this system through the district website at or by following these steps:

  • For an online verification of your sim information, please open a browser and follow the instructions below.

  • Visit the official site at

  • Fill in your CNIC number where indicated

  • Now the tabular information on your SIM card number.

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    Your current SIM number will appear in the table

  • Here are the instructions for checking SMS information:

  • Using your mobile, open the SMS box

  • Type your CNIC number here without a dash

  • USSD 668 code is used to text the message.

  • The CNIC number will be registered upon receiving an SMS with SIM cards that are active.

4 Tips to Keep a Record of Your SIM Verification: Sim Information

A menu will be displayed to provide your SIM details. Dial USSD *336# and the status of his number will be verified, but where is he from? If you're inside Pakistan or abroad, then CNIC's number statuses may also be sent through the customer by SMS to short code 789 using a fundamental confirmed phone which has been used in previous transactions with PTA/Cellular company.

  • The PTA has a number of ways to check who owns prepaid cards and even how many SIM cards there are.

  • On the site, you can browse. There is one method.

  • Each service provider network is shown its potential in the code.

  • Both SIM cards have the same network carrier, which may determine the name of the SIM card.

The Government of Pakistan states that visitors can request their numbers this way too if they have not provided them before on arrival at Pakistan airports


The biometric verification process for identification is a complicated and time-consuming task. However, the Pakistani government is working to streamline this procedure with SIM cards that can be verified by fingerprint scanning on mobile phones or tablets in order to help make it easier and less intrusive for citizens who need ID validation.  

A major benefit of these new measures would be an improved security level thanks largely due to increased reliability when authenticating documents as well as preventing identity theft among Pakistanis seeking medical treatment abroad through false documentation.

Phone number to find SIM owner's name

We can find the name of a SIM owner by looking up their phone number on or other online directories if we have it handy, but most people don't keep that information with them when they lose track of their cellphones and need to contact customer service for help finding out who owns the lost device instead. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use in order to recover your cell phone without ever having seen its original owner's full name before! All you'll need is:

  • Your own mobile number (the one registered as the current subscriber) 

  • The last 4 digits of another person's phone number

How to Find a Phone Number via SIM Owner Name

Sometimes it's hard to remember your SIM card owner's name. You can find out quickly by entering the number on a sticker that came with the phone and looking for "Owner Name"

It seems like everyone is always complaining about how they are having problems remembering their SIM Card Owner names, but not anymore! All you need to do now is enter in any 8 digit number from one of those pesky stickers you used when setting up your new smartphone (don't worry; this doesn't work if someone steals or borrows your device), scroll until you reach something called 'owner', then look at what comes after - voila! Your full legal first and last name will be plainly visible as well as an email address where information related questions may also

How to Check Your SIM Card Authorization

The Check Your SIM Card Authorization is a process that confirms the identity of the user. This is done by checking if your mobile number is on an authorized list with your wireless service provider. It will also check to see if you have multiple devices attached to your account and whether any of them are lost or stolen. If there are unauthorized phones, tablets, or other connected devices associated with the account then they can be blocked from using data services for as long as their device remains active in our system.

The Check Your SIM Card Authorized process could take up to 24 hours before it becomes effective and during this time you may experience slower speeds than normal while roaming on another network outside of Canada because we need more time to establish the connection between our.

Get All Sim Details with Contact Number in Pakistan

In this article get any sim details with contact details in Pakistan.

  • get any sim detail with contact numbers and address of the customer care for all the telecom companies operating in Pakistan,

  • get any SIM card balance or validity period of your SIM card,

  • get information about recharge plans for prepaid mobiles and postpaid mobile connections respectively.